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  1. Jose Malinao

    Fire on going…

  2. crushbeast29

    Back when white people ruled music.

    1. Marcos Hernandez Cazan

      They still do the latest artist of the decade is Taylor swift

  3. Владимир Воронцов

    Шоу продолжается

  4. John Winters

    Best looking man and entertainer that ever lived.. The best celebrity smile that ever was, with a black and dry sense of humour.. not to mention the being the king of rock n Roll and creating the most successful songs ever produced … The guy nearly had it all

  5. sai mjs

    😱 omg elvis Presley ❤️💕😘🙏

  6. V r E m9 I d e t

    How good he is

  7. marina Vitória

    O cara era e continua sendo um ícone! muinto legal

  8. Richie McLaughlin

    never liked Elvis just a drug user

    1. Marcos Hernandez Cazan

      Even in his worst days Elvis managed to bring joy to the world and be idolized by millions of people worldwide!! something that you will never accomplish you arrogant fool who believes to be superior just because you dont take drugs!! That doesnt make you superior you ass hole!!! Being humble and not being condescending toward drug users does!!! So you can take your arrogance and shove it up your asz loser and be remember like that or try to be a humble talented person worthy of being praised and remembered like Elvis!!! Well youll never be great like the legendary Elvis🤣 but you might be someone respectable!!!

  9. MM Sizzlak

    And hence was born the first white man with rhythm lol… Had never been seen before lol

  10. Russ Cobleigh

    Great stage presence even in the beginning !

  11. A J

    Thankfully we have that Uptown Funk video of those old school dancers absolutely killing it. Otherwise I wouldve thought they danced as horribly as Presley here.

  12. Daniel González


  13. Hippie Eyez

    He had them in the palm of his hand

  14. Драгомиръ

    Im Russian, but I love Elvis as much as we love our Victor Tsoi!

  15. maryland farmer

    He was a beautiful man with a good heart. I still miss him

  16. Jimmy Shivers

    G.O.A.T 🐐 He was such a hype!!

  17. Jacqueline Escobar

    Me encanta

  18. David L

    THE GOAT!!

  19. Joe Schmo

    Before there was Michael Jackson
    Before there was the Beatles
    There was a man from Mississippi with a guitar.

  20. Jose De la Cruz


  21. pu

    Guitar : play c chord

  22. Artem Krasilnicov


  23. basher 101

    dead grannies screaming..😂

  24. Michael Morley

    I cant even hear him sing cause of all those Girls well Grandmas squealing…

  25. Jairo Abarca

    que onda esos cuatros atras? jajaja osea que verga atras.

  26. Floyd PattersonII

    he 4 guys in the back : Yes we work with Elvis. We re professional hand clappers

  27. Rose A

    In the words of Paul McCartney Elvis was perfect 💓

  28. mono tom

    likeme old enouighj tosee whats good

  29. RP7 Goku

    Elvis: blinks
    Girls: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  30. Jem M

    When you change history by shaking a leg

  31. Ian Moir

    And nothing was the same ever again

  32. Transformers Earth Wars Player

    Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls the start of rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley!

  33. gnrsgl

    Scotty Moore the best thing to happen to Elvis

  34. Hick Station With DaRebel

    Elvis: moves a inch
    Girls: so you have chosen Deaf

  35. Diffuse Wings49

    Ladies and gentlemen, could I have your attention? He already had everyones attention 😭

  36. moonknight79

    Life goes by fast. This was 65 years ago. Wow.

  37. Lisa Chauvin

    Elvis was breathtakingly good-looking ❤️

  38. Sheila MacDougal

    What were those other shmucks doing there?

  39. T1971

    How do you degrease your hair in the morning ???

  40. lenny koss


  41. godhedsmanden

    Sick drop lol0:57

  42. Alyssa Erskine

    The girls sound like theyre screeching goats they cant calm down

  43. Mafia Moscoloni

    Ahora..QUIERO saber el nombre de cada uno de los jóvenes ,que aplauden sin eny noción de ritmo,detrás de Él..s

  44. Fred Smith

    Thank you! Missed the 👑

  45. mo fun

    He studied the black artist and then put his on twist on it.

  46. BoggieBlues

    Girls: screaming

  47. DeadDemonWalking

    Elvis was a stud

  48. Chris Regan

    Dear god that audience…

  49. Robin Schipper

    This is real music

  50. 徐玉美


  51. RF Arca


  52. In Limbo

    Sounds like the screams from Rollercoaster Tycoon lol

  53. Mukesh

    Elvis: Farts!

  54. Dylan Payton

    Chuck Berry really did well here

  55. Zonda Townsend

    These Girls Are All Dead Grammas They Did Not Do Anything But SCREAM Elvis Just Takes A Step And The Girls Be Like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  56. Cimi

    Those women knew what a God sent man is what a holy good heart of gold us what a good looking man my God they should Clone Elvis to be born again and again and again.

  57. Yo boy Max

    Elvis: stands there for a minute
    Teenage girls: Omg he’s mine ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  58. Adriano Silva

    Brasil ama elvis presley o rei do rock roll

  59. Marie Antoinette

    ça c était_un chanteur je l adorais repose en paix elvis !!

  60. Kevin Lima

    Wat ui 👍😉

  61. Around London Graffiti channel

    is there a roller coster in the background going around lolol

  62. Len314159

    I never realized he was on the Ed Sullivan Show so many times. This was a great performance.

  63. No lo se

    0:05 girls are burning in fire

  64. Debbie Martinez

    That amount of pomade tho😳

  65. Toast

    he just wasn’t playing that guitar lmao

  66. Silver Scorpio

    Elvis Presley

    The Justin Bieber of the 50s

    1. Ilou


  67. Tatianna Damon

    Omg I can barely hear him sing with all that screaming 😳💛

  68. Ben Shafer

    Im jealous…. Girls dont scream for me like that!!! 🤣 🤣

  69. mo fun

    Didnt take all those guys in the background. Half of them just standing there.

  70. Kyle Holtzapple

    How fucking famous is Elvis

  71. disappearintothesea

    screaming girls are the same in every generation haha

  72. LaLa Wanna

    They were throwing poo tang like roses at him lol

  73. AleX Ander

    А он по струнам пальцами проводил?

  74. Mnbvcxz Lkjhgfdsa

    Такие как Киркоров опустили искусство ниже колен .

  75. Ck4540 Ck

    There wasn’t a dry pair on panties on earth that day

  76. TOMPLE

    Run, forest..

  77. justarandomacc

    every comment saying that these girls are screaming too loudly
    me: *laughs in beatlemaniac*

  78. larry robinson

    Freedom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. DankPepeX

    São sempre bons os bons velhos tempos LORD BYRON

  80. Jeff Scott

    At dang Evlis. He sumpin aint he

  81. Nicolas Barck

    Richard Nixon?


    The magnetism of this man…He was pure electricity…

  83. Krissy Redline

    My grandpa 79 said he security for beatles concert he could have met them but he said they were no good hippies lol

  84. Samantha Quintanilla

    The crowd: sees Elvis’s foot come out of the curtain and screams like there being tortured

  85. Roshy Moshy

    those b**ches screaming as the were possessed by demons 😑 rip my ear 💔

  86. Dead Diamond

    Nobody will ever get those sort of crowd reactions again in entertainment. He was so new and unique, nothing could come close now in my opinion.

  87. KaiLea November

    October 28th is the new month and day of my birthday.🍰🎂🍭🍬

  88. Gaetano Del Prete

    The king will live forever

  89. calikokat100

    so fine…

  90. Fred Smith

    Enjoy my Shiba army followers!!! ❤️💎🖐🏻

  91. Laurits Holmgreen

    The crowd is as lit as most rap concerts today, they just need to make a dope ass moshpit. Bruuuhhhh imagine 100 1950s teenagers do a moshpit to this

  92. Charles Ballejos

    This man was only famous for that shitty dance… jk voice was ok ig

    1. Whack-a-mole

      Dancing, face, personality, and voice. If you don’t know that you’re just a dumb kid.

  93. Susan Ma

    Hairdresser: How shiny would you like your hair to be, Mr Presley?

    Elvis: YES

  94. jersonmajin

    ¿Te imaginás ver esto en vivo y en directo en los 50s?

  95. Massimo Valenti


  96. Давид

    Well, that worked for me.

  97. Idalia conceição Carvalho Pereira Conceição

    Assistir todos os filmes dele na seção da tarde na minha infância e preadolesencia .🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️❤️❤️❤️

  98. friends elvis presley

    Elvis: *Smiles*


    Wow wow wow 🇮🇩

  100. YoDog

    A lot of the historical value here is the absurd spectacle, but you do get the feeling at 1:05 when the guitar comes in heavy that he really was channeling something incredible from decades of rhythm and blues guitarists. The world would never be the same.

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