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Cibao Para cambiar de ambiente completamente, el aire fresco y la vegetación alpina de la Cordillera Central es tan invitador como las playas. Mercado Modelo: Es un centro comercial donde existen tiendas variadas de artesanías y artículos nativos confeccionados a mano. En sus jardines se encuentra ubicado el Patio Caribeño, donde se realizan tertulias y proyecciones de eventos de interés, así como también presentaciones en vivo.

Su diseño se debe al arquitecto Henry Gazón Bona. Siempre existen en este centro cultural exposiciones de pinturas, esculturas; presentaciones de teatro, ballet, conciertos, entre otros. Consta de tres salas de exhibición permanente: Signos de Identidad, una sala con “Génesis y trayectoria” que cada almirante casino casino almirante años exhibe las obras seleccionadas del concurso de arte Eduardo León Jiménez y una sala de exhibiciones temporales.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Los pequeños alojamientos que caracterizan esta región han incorporado recientemente al eco-turismo almirante casino casino almirante han diseñado desafiantes excursiones, senderos y caminatas para los amantes de la naturaleza.

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Tiene una altura de 70 metros. Se comenzó a construir el 30 de abril del con el centenario de la Almirante casino casino almirante Nacional y se terminó ese mismo año.

Hodelpa Gran Almirante – Hoteles En Santiago República

Monumento a los Héroes de la Restauración: situado a la entrada de la ciudad, este monumento fue erigido por almirante casino casino almirante del tirano Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina. A la caída del Régimen Almirante casino casino almirante se le dio el nombre que lleva hoy en día. La historia de la ciudad de Santiago tiene un papel importante en la historia del país.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Monumento a los Héroes de la Restauración: situado a la entrada de la ciudad, este monumento fue erigido por órdenes del tirano Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina. These cookies do not store any personal information. Antiguamente este edificio fungía como prisión municipal.

Consta de tres salas de exhibición permanente: Signos de Identidad, una sala con “Génesis y trayectoria” que cada dos años exhibe las obras seleccionadas del concurso de arte Eduardo León Jiménez y una sala de exhibiciones temporales.

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  1. Ashura D.

    … That sword skill is from Zoro himself, clickbait the worst shit ever in YT. not even cringe is worse than clickbaiting.

  2. 隼ᴊᴜɴ

    isnt that zoros own style? he used that against mihawk the first time they met. and its santoryu, while mihawk only wields 1 big and 1 small weapon.

    1. 隼ᴊᴜɴ

      @Infernal Ye, many yt channels are usually like that so guess its normal nowadays.

    2. 隼ᴊᴜɴ

      @KNIGHT OP Thats not mihawks either.

    3. 隼ᴊᴜɴ

      @Rb fan Thats not mihawks either.

    4. Infernal

      Nah this guy always makes troll titles, armament haki is not Mihawks skill and neither is the move that Zoro did, don’t take the title too literally.

    5. Rb fan

      It’s the haki

  3. Davaakhuu .B

    damn think about it. If you are some NPC live in city and some city punch you

  4. Pratik rai

    42:51 thats ZORO 🤩🤩🤩

  5. GamerZ Logic

    *Why would this be titled Mihawks ultimate sword skill. Weve never even seen Mihawk use an actual sword skill. That shit against Whitebeard was just a regular swing, just like what that vice-admiral used against Franky.*

  6. kentoy balber

    why blackbeard absorbs whitebeards power

  7. Dark!Kiel Playz

    Is law and akashi from kuroko no basketball have the same voice?

    1. basket hed

      Law and Levi have the same va

  8. Maddie Gordon Giulintano


  9. punkreeper

    Noone appreciates zoro channeling his Haki through his mouth 😂 I bet mihawk cant do that 😂😂

    1. Carlo Faustino

      He didnt. He directed the haki through his right hand while holding two swords. Just look at the handles color

    2. punkreeper

      @Hawkytv gaming yeah and look how vergo turned out against Trafalgar 😂 my point is, I think its easier to armament a part of your body but its harder to armament something that is not part of your body let alone channeling it through your mouth. Its like you can lift 10kgs with you arm but you cant lift 10kg with you mouth.

    3. Alyalyaly Bee

      @Hawkytv gaming because that is common

    4. Hawkytv gaming

      But pica can do his whole body coated by haki.? But no one appreciate that.?

  10. Faiq 123

    its not mihawk skill

  11. DaVi D

    E destroy pica…..

  12. Ademental Fire

    This dude recorded this 1 hour long damm

  13. VanoTotally !


  14. Kuroro Luxifer

    53 minutes video and he managed to cut the part mentioned in the title..

  15. Mostapha heboul

    Pour zorro jvien penser plan cinq pour que pica tombe au port du sous sol d trafic d armes avec simple coup de sabre pour que pica perde c pouvoir avec là mer pour le sabreur trop facile il aurait fait de la tranche au sol et de la place pour notre Luffy surtout avec le dawoi quil a fait avec dodomingo

  16. Mostapha heboul

    Et un bon mayneur et son sabre lui ont coupé la voix parce que ce son la et plus beau encore

  17. E

    21:52 OOuh SHI

  18. FikAzure

    1:51 whats that music?

  19. Creation

    Would anyone like to tell me why this is nearly an hour long to see a scene that lasts less than 5 minutes?

    1. i like cheese

      videos like this just show the scenes before and after at an interesting part in the anime so the viewers will watch the whole thing and YouTube will recommend it to more people

    2. Infernal

      @Jk Grunge so first you say ‘it’s not his video.. it belongs to toei’ and then you go on to complain about cuts, I get they’re badly don’t but the reason for the cuts is right there in your comment. Be grateful to him for uploading this, if you want to see it so bad without cuts or anything then just watch the actual episode.

    3. snicks

      Why? Because why not.


      @Jk Grunge ok

    5. Jk Grunge

      @ROTFLWHIT3 he couldnt be making money on this regardless.. its not his video.. it belongs to toei.. besides, all the cuts and edits are so annoying and badly done specially during fights that they dont deserve any money..

  20. Random Videos
  21. Zilla Nation

    Did sabo fart fire lol

  22. Shisui Uchiha

    That aura is conquers haki

  23. MrLednard

    4:16 nice.

  24. Akagami Shanks

    45:15 Zoro Moment

  25. Jan Herfs

    So much build up for a move that Mihawk would do accidentally by waving is hand when sleeping

  26. Solo


  27. 碇ゲンドウ


  28. favbotYT

    43:25 Director is caught in 4K Camera

  29. Kageoblivion

    Finish The sentence, Oden Wouldnt be Oden

  30. Imperial Plays

    why does law sound like levi

    1. Markus s

      same va

  31. ven10


  32. William Adams

    1:33 zoro looks so bad

  33. Archie

    1:44 bro zoro actually fucking went left, hes improved


      @Infernal thats true

    2. Infernal

      @BLUEBERRY BG that’s actually so funny, he can’t follow a navigator like nami properly but he can follow luffy who’s a big idiot lmao


      He was just following luffy but damn he did

  34. Tech Education Indonesia

    Movies or episode ?

  35. markzx

    how does a new video keeps appearing on everyones recommendation tab in the first place when i dont even know this youtube channel.

  36. Cartmania

    i really like your editing style, its way less annoying than other channels ive seen. well done

    1. Shiro

      this channel is annoying too,too many cut scenes

    2. Bulk Brogan

      Seriously they always cut scenes in half for no reason

  37. Tim Thomas


  38. Vinsmoke Sanji

    Mushh mushh,Im Luffy gonna be king of pirates,😅😅😅😅😅🤣

    1. Exotic Drei

      Orewa namewa luffy, kaizoku oni orewa naru!

    2. Wira Hardi


  39. metaminerx

    i get goosebumps everytime i see this

  40. Renz Collantes

    he use mihawks dark power not used

  41. Giovani Ronildo

    What episodes is this from?

    1. basket hed

      Around 700

  42. 川島健二

    17:13 ここ絶望

  43. 社畜


  44. Mostapha heboul

    Jcomprends pas quavec ça voix si aigüe c ça propre pierre qui devrait seffriter cressolle

  45. Aer Bender

    pica is the symbol of apocalypse

  46. atep roll94

    zorro fuckin the best crew

  47. Jacob Barker

    well thats not exactly his ultimate technique. The whole Every sword can become the black blade thing is just him saying you can imbue any sword with armament haki. His ultimate technique is most likely just one of the sword skills he used when he blasted an enormous green light a thousand feet across the marineford bay all the way into the open water filled with Whitebeards fleet.

    1. Manuel Alen

      yeah, and to be honest, it was zoros ultimate technique with haki, the one he tried to use against mihawk back at east blue, but this guys title are incredibly bait as if the guy didnt even watch the anime or something.

  48. Danny Idk


  49. Mark Rypkin

    The frightened frightening full fumbling functional patch tribally trouble because citizenship muhly excite save a spurious noise. last, enthusiastic certification

  50. queapolk

    Got dam I feel so close to this but I’m still 6 eps before marine Ford arc AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGH I love it and I wish it went fast but I like it going this slowly I can’t wait till I’m more caught up

  51. Itz Vxbiz

    what episode is this ?

  52. dan scott


  53. 嶋尾岳登


  54. K福井

  55. JON28

    Mugiwaraaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa. OMG The voice is very funny

  56. xX-Warmanreaper-Xx Hellscream

    Thats not Mihawks skill lmao.

  57. Rovexz Gamerz

    zoro has the unlimited durability

  58. jayden fritz

    i didnt now there was a stone stone fruit.

    1. basket hed

      There is a devil fruit for EVERYTHING


    R.i.p random pirate did noqt get rejected but still get slapped

  60. Hammad Khan

    episode no?

  61. Cherry

    What exactly is the point of the 3rd sword in his mouth for that technique

    1. Cherry

      @Joel Javier ok thanks for the clarification

    2. Joel Javier

      @Cherry I understand what you’re saying it really doesn’t look like it makes contact but it does, he’s trained since he was a kid and he would train his jaw and neck.

    3. Cherry

      @Joel Javier from the animation, it looks like the only swords doing the cutting are the 2 in his hands. The 3rd one in his mouth doesnt even touch anything. It looks like its just there just so it can be called 3-sword style

    4. Joel Javier

      Hold up do you even watch one piece

    5. Joel Javier

      What’s he gonna hold the third sword with?

  62. HaCkErA GaMeR

    thats not mihawks ultimate sword skill… sanzen sekai is zoros own move

  63. mrpdmartin1

    When he said get deep Inside so that you wont fall out again. I felt that 😔

  64. Dillon Mcbroom


  65. Nubie9X

    the title proves this youtube channels owner know nothing about one piece

    1. Markus s

      that title does not prove anything he probably put that title because its good click bait

  66. 咲美 吉野


  68. Joshua Liwanag

    where can i watch full episode of one piece

  69. Michael Wyatt

    i know people typically love nami more but robin looks like such a SNACC in this.

  70. けろたん

    14:46 ヅ ラ 降 臨

  71. Rizal Fahlepi

    41:18 big brain Zoro

  72. ささ


  73. Ataki Braveheart

    The actually harbor topically reproduce because body practically guard among a angry hen. mushy, worried chimpanzee

  74. EyePatch
  75. DM PLAYS

    HAHAHAH i cant stop laughing HAHAH!

  76. Sajjad Hussein

    can you write one thing right for once in your life like stop click baiting

  77. joao Pedro ff

    pica pica no mi porque esse nome

  78. ハラキリ侍


  79. Mochammad Ali Rosyid


  80. Cyber Space Gaming

    Cringe title

  81. Shadow

    Wow niceee

  82. FikAzure

    49:12 ken haki?! How did they know grandma is coming from backwards

  83. 紋星擦捕好モンスターストライク


  84. Meta Zagen


  85. Draqix

    45:12 where it’s at

  86. Giyuu

    Here 45:35

  87. tình quang

    Ghiền quá qua đây xem trước vậy,chắc có mỗi mình VN..

  88. Traxion

    What episodes is this from?

  89. 嶋尾岳登


  90. Tech Education Indonesia

    Why is there Kinemon? Isnt the adventure of Wano Country not over yet?

  91. Luck

    17:15 i love how the spear dude ain’t even running his just floating 😂

  92. shinkagami uchiha
  93. Alex Martinez

    it was his own sword skill not mihawks

  94. 小鳥遊六花


  95. Андрей Богатый


  96. BalDev•ANIME

    26:10 wth usopp doing😂😂😂😂

  97. Ansleigh Xian Adaro

    That technique but i wonder what if zoro spins the sword in his mouth?

    1. asmodeus dè alice

      he would taste the germs

    2. dino gamer

      He probably spins his whole body like a blender lmao

  98. mausa gamer


  99. Ngoc Nguyen


  100. Blank Man

    Its not mihawks ultimate sword skill, its his own. He was only taught haki.

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